Why do our clients choose to work with us?

We work internationally with organisations in both the public and private sectors. Because the nature of our work is tailored, and very often highly confidential, we don't talk about our clients or the specific work we do with them here on our public website.

But our clients ask us back again and again because we deliver great results. When we ask them why they choose SHM, they tell us:

We identify the right problem.
Many of our clients come to us with the problems they can't fit neatly into the usual boxes. Sometimes they don't know what their problem is, only that 'something' is missing or not right. Through expert engagement and facilitation, we help our clients get to the critical questions behind their most pressing challenges.

We create solutions that keep delivering.
Finding answers isn't enough. In the fast changing world in which they have to succeed, our clients need solutions that will keep delivering results – and keep their teams aligned and focused on performance. By working alongside our clients to turn our insights into visions, strategies, policies and change programmes, we ensure the solutions we develop are put to use and make a difference.

We make a big impact.
Ultimately, we know what matters to our clients are practical and measurable outcomes. Our people provide a broad range of expertise, from branding to technology definition, strategy development to change programme planning, design to bespoke facilitation, coaching to research, communication to partnership management. We put these diverse capabilities to use to offer our clients comprehensive solutions that will continue to have an impact long after we have gone.

We think, and work, across boundaries.
The toughest problems faced by organisations today tend to be those that involve inter-related activities, multiple stakeholders and high levels of uncertainty. By bringing a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to every engagement and believing in taking a fresh look and designing bespoke solutions, we avoid the silo-thinking pitfalls of 'best practice' routinisation and one-size-fits-all solutions that don't work for the complex problems we get brought in to solve.

We provide real value for money and never exceed budgetary constraints.
At all times, but especially during tough economic times such as these, it is essential for businesses to be able to forecast and manage their costs. At SHM we take this seriously and ensure we never exceed budgetary constraints. All our projects are costed based on deliverables and outcomes; not on time spent. By doing this we focus our attention on the same goal as our clients – to deliver excellent work that makes a real difference – without exposing our clients to the operational risks inherent in the delivery of complex projects.

To learn more about what we do, and how we might be able to help you, please contact us to arrange a meeting.