What do we do?

In all our work we draw on six distinctive capabilities, each rooted in understanding the dynamics of human motivation and delivered through collaborative methodologies:

  1. Generating insights

    We employ rigorous research and analysis methodologies when gathering and interpreting evidence. We are not satisfied to simply spot a pattern; we work with our clients to draw out insights into underlying motivations to answer the question, "why do people behave the way they do?". All our work is founded on a simple fact: the real experts in people's mind-sets and motivations are the people themselves. Our job is to bring that expertise into the open so it can be used as a lever for change.

  2. Transforming organisations

    Changing the performance of an organisation often requires focused attention on the mechanics of the organisation and the ways of working within it. In the private sector, we work with Fortune 100 businesses across the globe to develop operating models, process frameworks, organisational structures, and team development programmes. We also work with organisations in the public sector (for example, in health, education, transport) to develop organisational values and corporate identities designed to galvanise employee motivation and enhance the overall reputation and perception of the organisation amongst citizens.

  3. Preserving the health of operational relationships

    We are experts in working with organisations to preserve the health of their key operational relationships as they increasingly choose to outsource work, reorganise internally or work in partnerships to reduce costs and gain access to capabilities. Our speciality in this space is to focus on an aspect of large operational relationships that is often overlooked: the human interactions that are essential to success. As an independent third party, our role is to uncover, understand, and surface the different, often conflicting motivations at play and bring them back into alignment with the strategic aims of the relationship.

  4. Building capabilities

    Through experiential, insight-based capability development programmes, we help our clients succeed in organisational environments that are changing quickly in response to shifts in the marketplace, in consumer behaviour, in legislation, etc. By understanding their context and culture and using it to design bespoke development programmes, we enable our clients to increase their effectiveness when it comes to things like business partnering, selling, innovating and working with colleagues and partners across organisational (and geographic) boundaries.

  5. Engagement-led communication

    It's not enough to come up with ideas; for change to happen, action needs to be taken. An important part of what we do involves taking a leading role in the creation of internal communication tools and change interventions for our clients. Using engagement-led approaches, we bake the perspective of the audience into the design process from the start ensuring outputs drive action – not just awareness.

  6. Empowering communities

    Organisations seeking to change need to engage groups of people to not only be recipients of the change, but to be active participants in defining new directions. Our engagement initiatives empower individuals and communities to be agents of change through their work as co-developers of policies and processes aimed at improving their lives.