Tatiana Romanovska

Tatiana is a freelance consultant and researcher, working across the private sector and the arts.

She dedicated the early part of her career to managing her brother, Alexander Romanovsky, one of the world's foremost concert pianists. This gave Tatiana extraordinary access to a number of international cultural institutions, and she quickly established herself as a very effective organiser of events, festivals and cultural activities. Her skills came to the attention of a number of prestigious organisations, including the Kraniev Competition in Moscow and the Chigiana Academy in Siena. She has acted as a consultant, a manager and an organiser of a number of major events around the world.

In 2016, Tatiana decided to concentrate on developing other aspects of her career. In addition to continuing to hold roles with a number of cultural institutions, she has dedicated much of her time to business-related activities. She is now studying for a degree at Milan University and is running a number of freelance projects in the private sector.

Since 2016, Tatiana has worked with SHM, delivering advisory and training work around the world. She has especially concentrated on supporting training initiatives, bringing her organisational capabilities and her knowledge of how teams work to the insights and analysis she provides to the firm.

Tatiana is fluent in Italian, Russian and English, and has a conversational knowledge of French.

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