Olesia Leschuk

Olesia specialises in international business consulting, project management, international communications, business development and negotiations, international marketing strategy, tourism and the psychology of consumer behaviour.

Olesia was educated in psychology at the Natalia Nesterova Moscow Academy of Education, followed by an MBA at the University of Porto Management School. Following her formal education, Olesia founded and still runs The Divine Communications, an international business development agency based out of Porto, Portugal and, in 2013, set up Shop in Portugal, a high-end tour and travel agency.

Olesia has also been involved in a variety of non-commercial activities which have enhanced her wider skills, including an ambassador role at Internations, an international network of expats in Porto.

Olesia is a native Russian speaker, fluent English speaker and is proficient in Portuguese. Olesia brings her wide variety of professional experience to SHM to assist in the delivery of a number of projects.

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