Étienne von Bertrab

Étienne is an associate with SHM, focusing on running projects concerned with citizenship and social entrepreneurship, and working with academic institutions and other SHM partners in Mexico. He has considerable experience as a social entrepreneur himself in the areas of eco-tourism and fair trade, as well as experience working in the corporate private sector, having worked for HP for five years.

In the academic sphere, Étienne’s experience lies in environment and development; he has taught environmental politics at ITESO University in Guadalajara and is currently a Teaching Fellow in the Development Planning Unit at UCL in the MSc programme on Environment and Sustainable Development. His research interests include urban mobility transitions, urban and regional water governance and participatory planning approaches. He has worked alongside a range of community organisations, NGOs and networks in the pursuit of socio-environmental change.

Étienne has a BA in Engineering from ITESO University and an MSc in Development and Planning from University College London. His mother tongue is Spanish.

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