Amal Belaidi

Amal is the EA to SHM’s CEO. She has a keen interest in the dealing with people, getting things done and calendar management. Amal is key to the smooth running of SHM and looking after our CEO.

Prior to joining SHM, Amal’s work with a global lifestyle management company helped her to develop strong relationship skills. Amal is experienced in dealing with international clients, maintaining strong supplier relationships, building brand partnerships and delivering outstanding customer service.

Amal has a degree in Geology from the university of Algiers, she joined the oil industry where she performed in a technical role for 12years before deciding to make a career change. She is a native Arabic speaker, fluent in French and English. She has a keen interest in health and fitness and is learning to become a qualified Health and life coach to help other people improve their lifestyle and reach a healthy and balanced life.

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